Healing Through Horses

501 Challenge

The 501 Healing Through Horses Challenge 

The 501 challenge is designed to promote horseback riding and ownership in Minnesota.  The goal is to introduce 501 kids, who have never been on a horse, to horseback riding and horse ownership.  In giving these young people this exciting and challenging experience, they will develop a new love and appreciation for the art of horse ownership.  This experience will create a new, positive, and life changing mind set as many of the recipients will desire to enter into horse ownership.  As a result, the current declining horse industry will gain new young horse owners.  

The process will allow students to participate in one of our riding programs that will provide them with a firm foundation in horsemanship.  While in the program, they will develop a new confidence in themselves and their potential abilities.  As a result many of these students will enter into a lifelong love of horses (whether through lessons, leasing, or horse ownership). 

To make this program happen, Healing Through Horses needs individual and corporate sponsors who share in the love of horses and realize the impact that they have on youth.   Your support is vital.  It is giving a kid a leg up in life, while at the same time continuing the growth of the horse industry.  
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