Healing Through Horses


There are several programs that youth can participate in with Healing Through Horses.

Summer Youth Horse Camps

This program offers at risk and financially disadvantaged youth the opportunity to participate in a week long horseback riding program.  Students learn safety, basic care for horses, self discipline, and respect for one's self, others and for the horse they are paired with.  At the end of the week each student has the opportunity to shoe their family and friends their horse and the riding skills they learned during their week at camp.  Then they are individually recognized be their riding instructor on their improvement and unique positive characteristics which they demonstrated throughout the week.

Day Camps (1 day)

These camps are designed for large groups to come out for a whole day and experience the farm, stables, horseback riding, and connect these experiences with life choices they are making.   

Equestrian Teams

The equestrian team is set up to reach the kids where they are at.  This is a six month (March-September) and since it is the longest program we offer we really have the chance to get to know every student on a deeper level.  The equestrian team members are not just students to us, most of them become like family,  On average the kids stay in this program for 4-5 years, but in reality most of them never leave.  In some way they keep connected to us and the friends they have made through this program even as they move on into adulthood.  Each member has a set day for their group lesson that meets once a week.  Also once a month, from May-September, they have a chance to perform with each other in a positive and fun setting at their horse shows.  In addition to coming out for their riding lessons and have a show once a month, the equestrian team members help with the other riding programs we offer.  Not only do they have a chance to mentor younger kids and help teach them to work with horses, they also become role models for others to look up to.

Private Lessons

These are targeted at specific individual needs to small group needs.  Some of the individuals we work with suffer from depression, suicide prevention, eating disorders, anger management, and kids dealing with bullying at school, feelings of abandonment, poverty, and other at risk groups.  
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