Healing Through Horses

Sponsor a Horse

Consider sponsoring a specific horse.

Currently, it runs over $250.00 per month just to feed a horse. Below are some of the horses that would love to be sponsored by you, your family, or group. Sponsorship can be done monthly, yearly or in part.

Champ (above) is a strong willed horse with a tender heart. His specialty is working with boys with anger management issues. After you earn his respect and heart, he won't let you forget him.

Sonny is an amazing athlete that enjoys showing off his ability. He is a great horse for more experienced riders who want a challenge and want to grow into a new level of riding ability Sonny requires Equine Sr. feed because of his age. He puts a smile on everyone's face.

Sierra is an amazing horse who has started many young riders in a lifelong love of horses and riding. She gives a solid foundation to beginning and autistic riders and yet she is versatile enough to start other riders to gaming.


Liberty  has been a part of our team for over ten years. She builds confidence and develops talented riders.

Amber is a beautiful Palomino who was born here. Her riders quickly fall in love with her.

Dream has earned his name. Because he was born and raised here, Dream is one of the first horses to come and greet you. He spent his first years following everyone around. He is strong and beautiful and built for riders to grow into. 

Century also was born here. It doesn't matter how old he has become, he still thinks he is "the baby". He is now fourteen.


Other Horses that need sponsoring are: Moonlight , Magic, Glimmer, Rue, Missy, Rain, Flint, James, Tango, and CJ.

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