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In 2007, we expanded to another area--eating disorders. It began as we helped a woman who had been anorexic for thirty years. She had lessons as close to weekly as possible.Since working with horses she has been able to gain and keep ten pounds on. Her first goal was to be able to become strong enough to lift one of our lightest saddles by herself. Now, her goal is to be able to facilitate a program here for other people suffering from eating disorders.
In 2008, our “non-funded” programs grew. In addition to the hundreds of youth we worked with from the local area, we had over 220 kids from the inner city out to the stables and taught them how to ride. We also had the privilege of having children (whose dad was in jail) out for a week of horse camp and integrated these students into long term programs.

Since 2008, The economy has made it extremely difficult to sustain the programs. More and more families need financial help to remain in the programs.

Since year 2010, w
e have experienced a greater need to help teens dealing with bulling and/or depression, and parent abandonment. The love and care of a horse is so amazing in its healing effects.

In 2015, we will be implementing our "501 Challenge
", which is a program that will be introducing 501 kids (who have never been riding) to horses and horsemanship. We are currently seeking funding for this program. If you are willing to help sponsor this program please contact us.


August 2013
"Thank you for making my boys dream come true."
       ~ Chris Vincent

February 15, 2011

To whom it may concern,
My name is Kelsey Shopp and I am a senior Unified Early Childhood major at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I started riding at Roselawn Stables when I was eight years old and literally fell in love. I continued riding there until I was a senior in high school and although I no longer am a part of the riding program due to college, it is still as much a part of me as it was back then. I cannot even begin to describe the lessons I have learned in my time spent there.

Roselawn helped shape me into the person I am today, so much of who I am, what I believe in, how I see the world and what I want to be when I grow up has been influenced by Roselawn and the Karpe family. Roselawn is the place I go to when life gets a little too hectic, when I lose sight of what’s really important. As soon as I drive through those gates, everything gets a little bit better. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of who I am and who I want to be.

I can say without a doubt that I am truly a better person because of the Karpes and their riding program. The Karpes instill in their riders not only kindness, respect, a hard work ethic, and love for one another. I learned to live my life not for myself but for others. It is because of this faith, this belief, that I have been able to grow into the person I am today. I have learned the importance of patience, love, forgiveness, understanding, and of truly believing everything happens for a reason because of the foundation the Karpes built in my life.

Roselawn has not only changed my life but also the lives of so many others. Roselawn provides a place away from the stress and chaos of daily life, a place free from judgment and stereotypes, a place where kids get to simply be kids and a place to fit in, a place to belong. High school and middle school can be a really challenging time, a time where you are trying to figure out who you are. It can be confusing and heart breaking; it has pushed people to their limits. Everyone needs to feel they fit somewhere and Roselawn has been that place for so many people throughout the years. Without Roselawn and the Karpes there would be so many people who would still struggle with feeling lost in this world, who would lack positive influences in their lives, and most importantly lack a deep and lasting relationships.

Roselawn has also become a home away from home for inner city children from the Twin Cities. These children are given the opportunity to not only learn how to ride and care for horses, but learn what it’s like to be away from the city, to see fields and woods and listen to the sounds of Mother Nature. They are given the unique opportunity to experience God in a way they could have never imagined, they learn to see Him in lessons learned on the farm. They witness His miracles and see His hardships in a whole new light.

I have grown up a lot since I started riding at Roselawn, and I know that I still have a lot more growing up to do. However, knowing that I have the farm to go back to makes growing up a lot less scary. Whenever life starts to wear me down and I need a reminder of who I am and what I stand for, I drive to Roselawn, get out of my car, take a deep breath and know that everything is going to okay. No matter what life has to throw at me I know I’ll be okay because I have people who truly care about my well being and I have a steadfast trust that i will be brought through whatever hardship I’m facing. This feeling of peace and contentment is what Roselawn has given me, and that is something that I will never forget.
Thank you for your time.

Kelsey Shopp

June 25, 2008

I just wanted to let you know what an awesome time we had at horse camp last week. For a bunch of city kids who have only seen horses on tv, chickens in the grocery stores and cows pictured on the front of milk cartons, this was the talk of the week. Besides a few ticks that wanted to follow us home, this experience will be etched in their minds forever. I am so glad that Here's Life and Roselawn Stables were able to collaborate to offer this experience. Roselawn has a great staff and the cool thing about them is that they are the same age as some of the children we brought with us. Kids like learning from other kids.

Jane, the analogy you gave about taming horses and our relationships, was a life changing experience for me, personally. I enjoyed it so much, it is a lesson that encourages, incites, or earnestly advises. It is that good!!!

Well, I hope this will only be the beginning of a great partnership.

Bertrene Cage, Program Specialist
Community Service/Multicultural Learning
Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys
Brooklyn Center Service Center
5601 Brooklyn Blvd., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

June 29, 2008

After five days of camp sponsored by Roselawn Stables and Here’s Life Inner City, the camp staff were tired but thrilled with what they had seen happened that week. It was like the coming together of two different worlds as 187 inner city boys and girls from 14 churches got to spend a day touring the farm, taking hayrides and most exciting of all learning to ride horses themselves.

One of the most beautiful sights took place in the horse barn where one of the young teenage Roselawn staff demonstrated reigning a young horse that was not fully trained. It had not yet completely learned to follow the rider’s lead as they ran various courses cutting around poles and making sudden turns. One Roselawn staff member pointed out to the kids the similarities between the relationship of horse and rider to our relationship with God. When the horse was following the subtle changes of reign or foot action of the rider, the horse was totally relaxed. But when it wasn’t sure where to go next or wanted to go somewhere on its own, it’s whole body composure changed; muscles tightened, head position changed and rhythm was lost. As we learn to follow the Lord, we can experience that some peace and joy.

For most of these kids it was the first time they had ever seen a horse up close, let alone get a chance to ride one. And though the drive was less than an hour to the ranch they found themselves in a completely different world as they found out how much there is to be learned about one of God’s majestic creations, the horse.


Dear Pete and Jane,

I want to thank you for the blessing that you were to the children of our church by offering us a free horse day camp opportunity. The children thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was great for many of these children, who being raised in the city and had never either ridden a horse or been on a farm, to get the opportunity to see a different side of life other than that which they are accustom to.

Our children’s choir director, who was also one of the chaperones, made the comment that she had never seen the children smile so big as when she saw them smile while sitting on the back of a horse.

Your staff did such an excellent job in instructing us non-horse riders how to properly ride and control a horse. And what’s more, the horses were truly responsive to our directions which made the whole experience more comfortable and enjoyable. (I have been on horseback rides before where the horses were really the one’s calling the shots which left you very uneasy at times.)

Also, it was a blessing to tour your farm. The children enjoyed getting a chance to see the farm animals up close (you had such a wonderful variety) and to hear more about farm life. They really had a great time feeding the goats.

Lastly, I should mention how we enjoyed the life lessons Jane shared that could be connected to the children’s experience of horseback riding. It is wonderful when children can be taught the benefit of positive behavior and then have it illustrated and reinforced through such an unforgettable experience.

I am sure the children (and the adults) will be talking about our horse camp experience for quite a while.

Thank you again and we pray that God will continue to bless you to be the blessing you have been and desire to be to the youth of our greater metropolitan area.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. David L. Fronsoe

August 20, 2008

For the past five years, I have been a part of the Roselawn Stables Equestrian Team. Although it’s only half of the time I’ve spent at Roselawn, it has defiantly been the best.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You've made my life so fun, peaceful, fulfilling, and you've all taught me so much...both those who are older than me, and younger than me. You've all taught me patience, to relax, and that we don’t have to work ALL the time :] and so many other things that i can't even begin to list.
This team has taught me how to be comfortable with myself.


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